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What are Hoverboards?

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

So, what are Hoverboards?

Well, they certainly don’t hover! Hoverboards, or assometimes called Balance boards are just that, a two-wheeled board withmovement sensors that allow the user to control the movement with slight bodyweight alterations. Lean forward slightly and the board will move forward, leanslightly to the left and the boards will steer left. Simple right? NO!

Using a hoverboard does take a little practice and you will not be short of funny fail video compilations if you do a quick internet search or send your video in and you could earn £250.00! However, once you do master the technique they are great fun.

Hoverboards mainly use two 350w motors, one for each wheelto allow them to operate individually. This is what enables the board to steer,basically one wheel will rotate slower than the other. For the more capable user,360 circles are possible as one wheel rotates forward whilst the other rotatesbackwards. Although you may get a little giddy trying this.

Many higher quality boards come with Bluetooth built in speakers,so you can enjoy your favourite music whist out and about whether it be for funor a less energetic trip to the shops. Again, most better quality boards comewith Xenon LED lights so can light the way when riding (if riding is thecorrect term) up until dusk.

And they are safe right? Well, again not necessarily. You will not have to search long before seeing/hearing horror stories of hoverboards exploding, and in cases have caused serious injuries. So why do these boards explode? Simple answer is they overheat – usually cheap, unreliable batteries – but don’t be alarmed too much. This is still extremely rear something like two to three per million have a problem, and when I say this I don’t just mean hoverboards, I mean across the board of lithium ion batteries. 

Lithium ion batteries have changed the world as we know it. Phones now have the capability to carry numerous tasks for most the day whilst been compact and light. Cordless power tools are now capable of jobs that was once only carried out by wired tools. Laptops are more powerful and smaller and lighter than ever. However, they are not without fault, due to the high energy storage that these batteries offer they require a monitor (computer) to regulate them and control its charging process. This obviously affect the cost. So, do your homework. Do you know the make of the hoverboard? Do you recognise the battery manufacturer? Does the supplier even disclose the manufacturer of the battery?

Segway Hoverboards are probably the most well-known brand to produce these and a deemed to be a market leader. All Segway boards are fitted with Samsung batteries to ensure the highest quality and safety. Supplies in the UK with 3 pin chargers, many suppliers will supply 2 pin with an adaptor. You would accept this if you went to buy a TV for example! 

So, in short. Hoverboards are two wheeled balance boards,are great fun, and with due diligence are safe. So go and get one, you willfind the whole family will want a go!